Friday, February 20, 2009

Guten Tag, meine Lieblinges! And I hope you're already and set for the fun I have in store for you today!

For this 'get you into the mood for the weekend's' entertainment, I have decided upon a new version of an old theme being the 'Round Robin Story'.
If you haven't played before (or can't remember playing it here) the object is that I write the opening of a story in the comments box, then when I'm doned, you all take it in turns to carry it on, one sentence at a time, akay?
Now the twist, is that each sentence must start with the same letter as the last word in the previous sentence, ie: 'And so the cat sat upon the aspidistra and', would be followed by something like 'done a poo!' and so on and so forth.
Got the idea? Fabulous! And in that case I will first wish you all a happy and relaxing weekend, and then see you in the comments box!

PS. You can add as many sentences as you like, but try and let someone else have go between goes. Otherwise it can get very confusing. Trust me, I know this empirically!

PPS. By popular request, here's another piccy of a kitten.
"Oo you lookin' at, pal?"