Thursday, February 19, 2009

Felicitations once again my little sugarplums! And as I write, I am hoping that you all have your clever hats on today because something well weird happened to me the other night, and I can't figure out how teh feck it happened...

*cue Twighlight Zone theme*

The other night I was once again fighting a losing battle with insomnia. Although I was managing to catch the odd half hour or so of zeds, I kept waking up whenever a mouse farted in next door's garden and I was sorely tempted to try hitting my head repeatedly against the wall to see if that would render me unconscious.
But as I'm not over keen on violence*, I tried instead the staring at the ceiling and trying to think about nice, comfy, sheepy things as I'd heard that counting such can aid the journey to the Land of Nod.
I'd finally managed to get there when suddenly I found myself wide awake and staring straight up at the set of blue, fairy lights that I keep hanging above my bed.

Which were on.

That was very strange as I had not switched them on for at least a week, and even stranger was that they were glowing rather than being 'full on', just like the fading glow that happens for a little while right after I switch them off.
I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't just being blurry, but no, they were definitely glowing.
I glanced at the clock and noted that it was 02:44 hours, and then reached over to check that the lights were definitely not plugged in.
They most definitely were not, and seeing as plugging the lights into the extension board was the only way of making them work, I found myself wondering why the hell the unplugged in lights above my head were still glowing.
I checked again, and then double checked to make sure I hadn't got the plugs muddled up, but the only thing plugged into the extension board was my mobile phone charger.

But the lights above my head were still glowing...

I went as far as switching off the main power point where the extension board was powered from, but still the blue fairy lights continued to glow.
It was only when I went to grab my camera to try and get a piccy that they finally faded with a mini-disco flash attempt before they stopped.

I swear they were not plugged in. I even moved the plug about six feet away from the board, just in case the electricity was somehow reaching the lights, but that made no difference to the glow.
Once they'd faded, I noted the time again and three minutes had passed.

But they were not plugged in.

So how the fuc blooming heck did they glow like that?

Seriously, I'm not making this up and if anyone can give me a sensible reason as to how a set of fairy lights can light up without a charge, I really, really would like to know!
Answers/explanations if any in the usual place please.

*Strange, as I seem to have a natural talent for it.