Monday, February 16, 2009

Buen día mis pequeñas coliflores, and today's venture into the the wacky world of the blogosphere begins with some excitement!

I have just been told by wild-seven to listen to this link to today's edition of the Chris Moyles show for a very good reason. Go to the 'Listen to today's show again' bit, and just after 9am (Dave's tedious link) you will find out what I'm on about. Show can be heard here!
If you've never read this blog before (or have the memory capacity of an aubergine) I'll explain all later, but I'm sure regulars will understand!

And that's all the news I have time for today as in a few minutes I am off to explore the wilds of Londinium to belatedly celebrate the Ex-partner-in-crime's birthday.

But afore I go, the choices for tomorrow's entertainment are -
  • Steak Dinner.
  • The Accused.
  • Need for Speed.
Choose wisely, and don't forget to tell me how your weekends were while you're down there, akay?

Oh, and one last bit, clicky here for the best ever 'typo mistake' I've seen in ages.