Sunday, February 15, 2009

As I type, it is 01:45 hours, and once again insomnia is being a cu pain in the arse.

Only a few hours ago I was enjoying myself while eschewing St. Valentine's day in my own special way, but after I'd finished off my dinner, polished off the box of choccies, chugged the last of the Vino Colapso, and watched the end of my favourite Rom-Com, I decided it was time to head up the apples and pears to bed, perchance to spleep for a change.

No chance.

Something was bothering me; a feeling that I'd forgotten something, and not a something that involved more alcohol either.

No. This was more a feeling that not all was right in the world, an opportunity for mischief and piss-taking merriment might be missed and I had to get to the 'puter asap, lest the moment be lost for ever...

And now, I've remembered.

It's Scaryduck's birthday today, rah!

I say 'rah', because although we rip the piss weewee out of each other, we are friends really.
Getting him to admit he has friends of any description is tricky as he prefers people to think that he only gets through life with the help of the highly esteemed (and fragrant) Missus Duck*, but he really does have friends, I say am proud to admit that I count him as one of mine in the hope that one day I will get a drink out of him for once, the cheap git.

So today, I ask you all to please raise your glasses in a toast to him, and if you feel like it, buy me something from my wish list head over to his place and insult him wish him a Happy Birthday, akay?
Romancing the Duck
I hope you do, honestly, as it'll make him feel seriously guilty about him forgetting my milestone birthday last year.

And also in Scaryduck's honour, I wish him kittens.

Fahsends and fahsends of kittens!
Don't forget to send him as many kittens as you can, alright?

*And the anti-madness medikashun, of course.