Friday, January 30, 2009

Yesterday I fell about laughing when the ex-partner-in-crime handed me a newspaper and said 'Here, read this!'.
This is what I read -

I didn't just laugh; I LOLed, ROFLed, then ROFLed and LOLed some more, then when I got back here I searched about to see if I could find the CCTV clip, and behold, here it is -
~Clicky Here For Hilarity~

I don't know why this reduces me to fits of giggles every time I think about it, but it does, and hopefully I'm not alone. Apologies if you'd already seen it, but I had to share in case anyone hadn't.

Anyways, it's also given me an idea about something to get us all into the weekend mood, being 'Tell me your favourite tale of Criminal Stupidity!'. Bonus points and extra LOLs going if you can find the CCTV footage of the said people making total arses of themselves for our delectation and delight.
Over to you, and don't forget to try and have a fabulous weekend, akay?

Tootle-pips, X