Monday, January 05, 2009

Wow. The first Monday of 2009. So full of possibilities and promise for the New Year.
Or just another winter's day of being cold, skint and rather depressed now that all the fun and frolics are over again.
I know which box I'm ticking anyway.
But, as is traditional in New Years, it is time to ask the question "Have you made any New Year's Resolutions then?"
For my part I have decided to resolve the following.
  • I will stop saying 'Yes' when someone asks me to do something I don't want to do, just because they need a hand. They can get someone who wants to do it instead; I'm fed up with doing stuff I don't want to do but have to deal with and the rest of my time should be as happy as possible.

  • I will carry on going to see my new physio and hopefully, this one will help.

  • I will tell someone immediately they upset me rather than dwell on the situation over and over until I can't stop crying and feel worse than ever.

  • I will put my clothes into the wardrobe and stop using the floordrobe.

  • I will try and learn how to fix a car. If I can put a computer together, surely I can figure out what a spark plug does.
  • I will put my videos and DVDs back into their boxes instead of leaving towers of unboxed tapes teetering around my bedroom ready to attack the unwary.

  • I will make an effort to go somewhere new to take photos at least once a fortnight.

  • I will clear out my fridge regularly and not wait until the strange, foil-wrapped thing at the back starts moving before throwing it out.
  • I will deal with cold-callers by winding them up as much as possible instead of simply hanging up; time permitting.

And that's about it. Not really 'resolutions', just a few simple ways of making my life that little bit happier and less cluttered, so I should be able to stick to them.
So what about you lot?
Anything you want to change for the better?
Your secrets, as ever, are safe with me. So tell me all!