Friday, January 09, 2009

This morning started with a young man in my bed.

Before anybody starts clamouring for details, the young man in question was John Aitch*, son of Rik Aitch, who stayed here last night as today we are heading off to the Blogger's Bloody Big Booze Up in that there Londinium.

I am currently finishing off a large cup of coffee (brought up to my bed for me by John, bless 'im) and will soon be wombling off to get a travel card with my camera set to shiny.
So, if anybody reading this is heading up there as well - see you soon!, and if you can't make it - I'll be taking clickage and will raise a glass of something nice to you.

But afore I go, I shall leave you with a Spot the Difference Competition, your piccies for which are -

Difficult I know, but have a bash.
And also, have a lovely weekend, and don't do anything I would do.


*He had to climb on my bed to get to the Orange box.