Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scene 1. The time is 09:00 hours. Misty is in bed with the duvet over her head. All that can be seen of her is a foot sticking out of the bottom end of the duvet next to where the hot water bottle has been kicked out. The alarm clock starts to beep.

Misty: Mffmphukitshurrup

An arm reaches out from under the duvet and hits the area around the clock until the target is struck and the noise stops. This is repeated many times until all is quiet again.

A while later, it is 10:37 hours. Misty peers out from under the duvet at the clock and then leaps out of bed swearing and runs to the bathroom. A minute or so later she reappears in the bedroom and frantically rummages through a pile on the ground called a 'Floodrobe' until she finds the required items of clothing. She dresses with great haste, grabs her handbag and does her best to run out of the room. She enters again a few seconds later to grab her keys and mobile phone, muttering what sounds like 'Phuket' the whole time.

Scene 2. 11:02 hours. Misty arrives at the local hospital looking out of breath and rather dishevelled. She hurries to the right department and goes to the reception desk where there are a couple of Bradies in front of her and as they chat to the receptionist Misty stares at the clock and taps her foot whilst sighing. A short while later and Misty is at the front of the queue.

Misty: Hi there, sorry I'm a bit late but my alarm clock didn't go off this morning. I should have been here for eleven.

Receptionist: That's all right dear, what's your name?

Misty: Misty.

Receptionist: For eleven o'clock, yes? Let me have a look.

There is a pause while the receptionist checks the computer.

Receptionist: Sorry dear, computer says no. Are you sure your appointment was for eleven?

Misty: Yes, eleven o'clock, Wednesday the fourteenth of January.

Receptionist: That's tomorrow dear, today's Tuesday.

Misty: Oh cock. (long pause) Right then, see you tomorrow.