Thursday, January 08, 2009

Recently, I have been contemplating my photos.

In case you haven't trundled over to my Flickr page, I've got a lot of piccies loaded up there, but seeing as I've been Flickring for about four years now is hardly surprising.
My clickage has had a fair bit of interest over the last couple of years; not enough to make an honest living, but my name's getting recognized by some. Which is nice.
The lovely folks over at The Londonist use some of my shots on a fairly regular basis and also got me the gigs over at last year's Amnesty International protest and of course The Great British Duck Race '08, which got me my first proper Press Pass.
I've even managed to get my pics into print when someone added my 'w/ extra duck' set to Dig It and many folks went crazy over my 'improved' classic works of art.
But alas, I haven't yet been paid for any of this.
I have managed to sell some of my prints, and if anyone is interested in purchasing any of them, just send me a Flickrmail and I'll get back to you, asap, but as I said, I still haven't hit the jackpot.

Anyway, the main thing I've been pondering is where do my site hits come from?
It's not like over here in the Blogosphere where I can simply check my site meter and see that someone on the other side of the world read my post about Censored Pr0nography at 04:15 hours, oh no. Over at Flickr, unless someone lets you know where they found your pic, you won't have clue about what's going on out there.
And this is annoying me.
I can find out which photo of mine is considered the most 'Interesting' amongst the Flickrites -
Terry Pratchett, Rubber Ducked.
and also which piccy is the most 'Favourited' among them -
What duck?
and when it comes to which is the most viewed, I can find that out as well.
But I don't know why it's the most viewed, and that's what's vexing me.
So if anyone out there can shed some light on why this photo has been viewed 27126 times so far, please will they let me know?
Aristotle meets Dappy.
Answers via comments box/postcard/carrier pigeon as per usual, thanks.