Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday again, and the good news is that I survived the Blogger's Bloody Big Booze Up last Friday, yay!

Jolly good fun it was too! I got up early after being bounced on by a young man, then wombled downstairs to return said young man to his dad, Rik Aitch who had stayed over to avoid paying out a small fortune for a hotel.
Then we set off for the wilds of Londinium in search of The Blue Posts which most of us managed to find without any problem.
There we were met by various other Bloggers, Commenteers and assorted Flickrites and had a fabulous time just chatting, drinking, eating and Duck Balancing until the people in the pub told us to leave for being too immature* For piccies, click here.
And then, we trundled back to mine via bus and burger shack.
A wonderful afternoon indeed, and a pleasure to meet friends from the ether and put faces to names at long last.
I can't wait for the next meet up!

And changing the subject slightly, I discovered this on Friday as well.

Games to play on the Underground to make the journey far more interesting.

Kiss chase.
Pass the parcel.
Musical chairs.
'Misty' says.
Murder in the dark.
Hide and seek.
Blind man's bluff.
Chinese whispers.
Dodge ball.
Sleeping lions.
British Bulldog.

So, how are you and what occurred on your weekends?

*We had some people under the age of 15 with us and they wouldn't let us stay inside with them in tow after 5pm.