Monday, January 26, 2009

Bonjour mes petits carcajous, and welcome to yet another week in the wacky world of the Blogosphere!
Today I have decided to do a Choose-O for tomorrow's entertainment as I don't believe I've done one yet this year, but first I have a little snippet of overheard conversation for you to have a giggle at.
I was on a bus and in front of me were an American girl and an English lass. The conversation went as follows:

American: Gee, I've been eating so much since I got here, I must weigh about a hundred and sixty pounds by now.
English: Well, that would explain why your jeans are tighter than they were, yeah. I know how you feel though, I've put on weight recently and I can't seem to shift it either.
American: So how much do you weigh then?
English: Eleven stone, eight last time I went on the scales.
American: Gee, how much is that in Imperial? I never got the hang of your metric system.

It was at that point I had to feign a coughing fit in case the rest of the passengers on the bus wondered why I was laughing a lot while on my own.

Anyhoo, on to the Choose-O, and your brand new options for 2009 are -
  • Polizei!
  • Excuses, excuses...
  • The Accused
Choose wisely my darlinks, and while you're placing your order, don't forget to tell me all about your weekends, akay?

Over to you then.