Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Akay, so ees'a Wednesday so'z is also Double Entendre Day; the best day of the week for slipping a big'un to a friend, colleague, relative or member of the clergy, so'z I hope you's all ready to start a'fillin' my box with teh good stuff.

Your photomaclicky for today'ses Caption Competition is one for the lads seein's as so's I'z mostly been featurin' pix of them with teh XY chromosomes recently, so nows I'z giving you one wot's got teh XXs instead.

It'sa coming up below, so please puts teh t'inking caps on for -


There's a refreshin' minty tea available for every entry, and a suck on a hookah going should I's gets me da 69, innit!

Getz in therez!