Friday, December 05, 2008

Yesterday I met up with my cousin in law who I usually only get to meet about once a year and only for a few hours, and it's about the only chance I get to catch up on family news face to face rather than via email or telephone.
And so last night we talked, then chatted, then talked some more, and while we were nattering away we got onto the subject of toys as my cousin has two children, one of which I've not had the chance to meet yet.
Anyway, I reckoned that one excellent thing about having little ones, is that you don't need an excuse to buy toys, and visitors don't raise a questioning eyebrow upon seeing a pile of Playmobil in the front room next to a large bag full of rubber duckies.
And then came the trip down memory lane.
I remembered a rag doll called Galdora that I loved so much I took her everywhere with me, and the reason she was so special was that my mother made her for me. She had a wardrobe of handmade clothes too, and I changed her clothes as often as I changed my own, if not more.
Then a little further along I remembered the soft felt, pink and purple elephant that I also carried every where but alas, as I carried it along by it's trunk, the poor thing had to have an 'operation' every few months which meant that there was precious little left of the original animal after the first year of it's 'life'.
Then there was the toy farm that grew until it took over my bedroom, and the little doll given to me by my grandfather that I still have safe in a corner of my bedroom.
But although I turned the house upside down and inside out a couple of years ago and managed to find a whole suitcase of toys from my childhood stashed in a corner of the attic, Galdora and the felt elephant were nowhere to be found, and that made me very sad as I really loved those toys, and I wish I could say hello to them again.
So my question is gentle readers, which childhood toys were special to you, and are you lucky enough to still have them?
And if you still can't get to spleep without a teddy, your secret's safe with me, I promise.