Monday, December 01, 2008

So, only a few shopping days left until Christmas but never fear because I bring great news and joy to the world!
First of all, some of you may remember that a week or so ago I had a Birthday and on that day I held a quiz and offered a real life, tangible prize for the winner.
I can now announce that there was a tie break, so using the 'little dog from across the road and three bitsa cheese with initials scratched into them' method, I can now reveal the winner to be, Chris!

So if Chris would like to send me an address to where I can send his prize, I shall do so, asap.

Secondly, and this is another reason why you might not get much sense out of me for a while, yesterday was not only St Andrew's Day, it was also the start of the Haggis Hunting Season, and this year I'm determined to win a prize, even if it's just one of the calendars!
Wildlife of the British Isles #42 - The Haggis

And finally, as it's Monday, please put your thinking hats on for today's Choose-O, your options for which are -


And while you're down there, how were your weekends?