Tuesday, December 02, 2008


A fair few moons ago I was staying away from home for a while when I managed to break my little toe simply by walking out of a room and catching said toe on the doorframe. I knew straight away that it was broken as although I'd never broken a bone before (or since, touch wood!) the
pain was something I'd never experienced before (and I don't want to again, either!)
My so-called friends only believed me the next morning when most of my right foot had swollen up and turned a rather fetching shade of 'Dark Bruise' and at last they got me down to the hospital where I was told they couldn't do much except give me pain-relief.
I accepted their offer, and after I'd been X-rayed just to make sure there were no complications, they sent me back to the flat with a bottle of pills, woohoo!
I was totally miserable; not just because I couldn't get anywhere such as home on my own, but also as I'd been rehearsing for a show with the tap dancing class I'd been going to for the last couple of months.
All I could do was to sit in the flat with my foot up on a cushion on the table with the phone next to me in case anybody decided to call me. Even getting up to go to the loo was fraught with danger and pain and after the first week I was beginning to go stir crazy.
My friends - feeling sorry for me one night, decided to get me a video and a pizza before they trotted off to the pub without me, so I settled myself in the front room yet again with my poor paw up on the table, the pizza box on one side and the TV remote and phone on the other.
I can't remember what the film was called, but it was a horror film and a good one as well; the sort that made you forget to breathe as the tension built up instead of the 'slash and hack' crap without much of a storyline.
So there I was, all alone in the flat with just the video for company.
After I'd sated my appetite for pizza I decided to have a ciggie so after having to go to the kitchen and back I settled down once more and pressed the play button.
The heroine was being chased by something and the tension was beginning to reach a crescendo when out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of what appeared to be two glowing red eyes at the window.
Now, the flat was on the ground floor and in the front room was a picture window that took up most of the wall and looked out onto the garden. As no-one else had use of the garden the curtains were very rarely closed, but now I began to rather wish they were.
I stared out into the dark and when no more glowing red eyes appeared, I turned my attention back to the film.
The heroine was trying to hide by this time as whatever it was that was chasing her was drawing ever closer and just as she was about to scream, I nearly screamed as once again the two glowing red eyes appeared in the garden!
The lights were off in the room and I stopped the tape and muted the sound as I held my breath and tried to pretend that I hadn't just seen a pair of demonic eyes stare at me.
Trembling I reached for the phone and as I didn't want anything outside to see me, I also reached for the ashtray to put the cigarette out.
I had one last puff on the ciggie and this time I really did scream out in terror as whatever it was that was out there with the glowing red eyes opened them and looked right at me!
And in that moment I realized what an idiot I'd been.
Each time I'd puffed on the cigarette the double glazing in the window had caught the reflection which had looked almost exactly like two glowing red eyes.
I was just relieved that I hadn't called anybody to come and rescue me as I'd have felt a total muppet and would probably still be trying to live it down.
And I make sure the curtains are closed before I watch scary films these days too.