Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Friday, it's probably not five-to-five as you read this, and it's not Crackerjack either, but it is going to be fun although cabbages probably won't be involved.

Sadly, earlier this week the sad news came that Oliver Postgate went to the Great Party in the Sky, but fortunately children's television has been left a great legacy here on the planet.

Yep, thanks to Oliver we have many happy childhood memories of Clangers, Noggin the Nog, and best of all the most important, the most beautiful, the most magical saggy old cloth cat in the whole wide world, or Bagpuss if you didn't recognize the description.

Bagpuss was once voted the most popular children's programme ever, but I was more a Clangers girl and still prefer the Soup Dragon to the Mouse Organ anyday.

And so today I have decided to see what you, gentle readers, reckon the bestest evah children's TV show to be. Will it be Bagpuss? Or maybe Danger Mouse or Hong Kong Phooey? Did Trumpton make your day, or did you fly the Blue Peter? Did Scooby Doo it for ya or did Fraggle Rock your boat?

Vote now! And if you can find any clips or links to your fave shows, feel free to post them along with your comments!

And one last thing, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!