Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hello again my darlings! I hope you're all ready to give my box a thorough stuffing this fine Double Entendre Day, as I'm absolutely gagging for loads of action!

I've chosen today's photo for the Caption Competition as I've been reminded recently of all those 'Protect and Survive' information films, and it made me think of them, and also I thought it might be rather good for some shits and giggles. Plus, it was taken by my own fair paw and gave me a right larf!

So here you are -

Getcha brains into thinking gear and when you're ready to give me a good 'un, shove it in my box along with as many else as you can fit in, akay?

There's a Slow, Comfortable Screw against the Wall going for every entry, and a Screaming Orgasm available if anyone gets me to 69.

Over to you then.