Thursday, December 04, 2008

A few days ago I was reading a copy of a popular comic when I stumbled across the 'Star Letter' (see insert)
This woman reckons that all 'feminine hygiene products' should be free for all women as after all, women never asked to have periods, did they? So why should they have to pay for them?
How crass can you get?
What with all the packaging, cost of production and of course the high cost to the environment, surely a token payment should be offered towards buying them? After all dear Vikki Wilson, the majority of feminine hygiene products are a luxury and not a necessity, or are you so absorbed* in your throwaway, 'have it now' pampered lifestyle that you have forgotten this simple premise? What's wrong with getting hold of some old cloth and using (and reusing) them as your grandmother surely would have done? Unless of course your grandmother is only in her early forties that is.
Many women managed for centuries without the luxury of disposable pads with wings and 'go-faster stripes', so why on earth can't you?
I'm tempted to write to this popular comic saying that all cosmetics should be free for all women, as none of them asked to be born flawed, did they? That should get 'the average woman' up in arms against the government, and also pocket me a handy fifty quid at the same time.

/ rant.

*No pun intended.