Thursday, December 18, 2008

A fair few moons ago after I ran away from the pub trade, I spent some time temping. Being technically unemployed money was tight but as the majority of my wardrobe was more suited to working behind a bar or hanging around in a bar, I found myself without any clothes suitable for office work.
Now, over the years I had made friends with the people that ran one of my favourite charity shops up in Ealing and so I went on a mission to pick up a 'Temping Wardrobe'
After explaining my lack of money and 'temping clothes', I asked them nicely to keep an eye out for anything suitable for me and keep it to one side until I came in next.
Being the lovely people they were, they agreed with a smile and even let me have a quick rifle through the back room before I went home.
Over the next few months I went in at least twice a week to see what they'd found for me, and each time they'd grill me about the latest job, what I was doing, and what was I doing next?
As I was temping it was pretty certain I'd be doing office or secretarial type things, but even I didn't know where I was going to be sent next.
Anyway, every time I went in I was very frugal with the cash but even so I managed to get a smart set of clothes that I could mix and match and not look like I was wearing the same things every day.
I still kept on stopping by on the off-chance of a bargain and each time I did I got to play Twenty Questions as they quizzed me over my work life.
One day I went in and seeing everybody busy, went to have a sniff at what was on the racks.
To my absolute delight I found a gorgeous little black leather dress that was spot on perfect for a costume I'd been thinking about for ages being the attire of 'Xena, Warrior Princess'
Not only was the dress perfect, it was stunning; a short black leather skirt hanging from a lace-up bustier style top.
I had to have it!
It was rather more money than I could really afford, but thinking how much a dress like that would cost new swayed me, and grabbing it from the rack and clutching my purse I dashed to the till before I changed my mind.
It was busy at the time and while I was waiting a couple of the staff stopped to say hello and ask me how the job search and temping life was going.
I chatted away about the usual until it was my turn to pay and I lifted the little leather dress up and placed it on the counter.
In a very loud voice the lady on till duty said "My god! What sort of job are you doing now then?"
It seemed that every single one of the customers in the shop turned as one to stare at me as the cashier held the dress aloft for all the staff to see.
Despite my prayers, the ground did not open up and swallow me as the ladies 'oohed' and 'aahed' over the dress and I mumbled an explanation about the costume I had planned.
On my way out, a pair of girls sniggered at me and a rather good looking chap gave me a decidedly smutty stare.
It took me a long time before I could go back to that shop, I can tell you.
And before anyone asks, yes.
I do still have the dress.