Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And with a sigh, another year comes to an end. I don't know about you but I've had better ones. Then again I've had far worse ones too, so woohoo!
Tonight I have no plans except to stay at home in the warm (unless the gas runs out again) with a good film and bottle of Cava. At midnight I shall make a wish and think about who I'd like to be kissing, then trundle off the Land of Nod with a hot water bottle and Fuzzy Duck.
Hopefully next year will be a great one, but I doubt my midnight wish will come true; it didn't last year anyway.
And so, today I want to know all about your plans for the End of the Year; anybody partying? heading into town? staying in with a bottle of methylated spirits? Tell me all! It's got to be more exciting than my plans anyways.
But lest in all the excitement we forget, not only is today New Years Eve (Hogmannay in Scotland) it is also the last Double Entendre Day of 2008! So please, give it all you've got and stuff my box to capacity! Your photo for the Caption Competition is

A party popper for every entry and a glass of Cava going should I get me a New Year's Eve 69!
So get in there!

Lastly afore I go, some of the bestest news I've heard this year is that my mate Terry has gotten himself into the New Year's Honours list, yay!!

So please, raise a glass to Sir Pratchett! I can't think of anyone who deserves one more for literary wotsits!
Aristotle meets Pterry

Happy New Year everybody!
May it bring you everything you hope for!