Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Akay! With only two days to go before Christmas is upon us again, I've decided that once again I shall set my 'Festive Mind Boggler' for a bit of seasonal shits and giggles!*
For those of you that don't remember the first time, and also all my new readers that probably haven't bothered reading through my archives, the object of the game is to work out the clues and then tell me what you think the answers are; for example -
Festive Aces = Christmas Cards.
and all of them have something to do with Christmas or the New Year.
Please note, these are not anagrams (as one reader thought). look again at the clue above. Another word for 'Festive' could be 'Christmas', and 'Aces' are 'Cards', hence the answer.

Get the idea? They aren't that difficult to work out,(once you've worked out a couple you will get the hang of it) but when I first set this quiz (as a Charity Fund Raiser when I was helping to run a pub near Reading by mistake**) I was informed that imbibing a couple of 'happy drinks' helped the old grey matter to do it's thang.
If you reckon you've got all forty clues sussed correctly, please email me your answers and if you have got them all right I might send out a little prize. But if (as I think most folks will want to do) you just want to play along, put your answers in the usual place so that the rest of us can have a good larf at them, akay?
To make it a tab more fun, I'll give a virtual glass of mulled wine for every entry down there, whether or not it's right or wrong.
And I can't do fairer than that, now can I?***
So without further faffing about, here are the questions.

1. Cockney Eye
2. Lots at Witching Hour
3. Branson's Baby
4. Male Rulers of Shops
5. Board Game Fanatics
6. Stella Over There
7. It's not yes
8. Noel's First Woman
9. Broken Jukebox with Clergy Round
10. Country gets eaten
11. Alcohol thought about things
12. Possibly an American Soldier
13. Scary King's Big Dinner
14. Regret Lungdren
15. Sum up aperture for air
16. Incomplete Alphabet
17. Foil Trade
18. Shortened Spanish Lover carried Mary
19. 24 hours of Pugalism
20. Sharp Girl with Clingy Friend
21. Make them Angry Francis
22. Murder a Whiskey
23. Pig with Cash
24. Holy Metal Bottom
25. Thieving Bird
26. Annual Monarch's Fruit
27. Beelzebub Mixed Up
28. Owner of a Pie
29. Large Half Mountain
30. Huge Bequest to the Masons
31. Tony's Missus is Drunk
32. The Times Links
33. Ball Breaker Candy
34. Automobile goes over and over
35. Fake Agony
36. Must get Pulled
37. Played at Sunset
38. Rocket Digit
39. Homer's Dog
40. Suspend Above

So there you are. I hope you enjoy, and don't forget that if you think you've sussed them all, email me.
Hope you have fun, over to you!

*For those that do remember, don't bother trying to find the answers I posted as I've removed them, just in case anybody felt like cheating.
**Twinned with Brigadoon sur Mer.
***Don't bother arguing, you won't win.