Monday, November 17, 2008

Hi honeys, I'm home again! And apart from a mystery headache on top of the usual aches from battle, I'm doing akay.
The weekend was mostly good fun and found me scampering through woods and fields killing plenty of the enemy and looking after 'sheep' as part of the game. They weren't real sheep; just pretend ones but you can imaging the comments and so that ensued.
But then it was time to come home again and apart from some mystery packages left at my door I have nothing exciting to report, and there's no more hitting people with Mr Pointy again until next year. I suppose I could get into kit and run around the nearby park or council estate chasing chavs, but it wouldn't be the same. Ho hum.

Anyway, back to reality* and as per sometimes I'm starting the week off with a Monday Choose-O. Your choices for tomorrow's entertainment are -


Please to choose carefully, and don't forget to tell me how your weekends were while you're in the comments box.
Happy thingies, everybody!

*or whatever passes for reality nowadays.