Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bonjour mes petits poireaux, and welcome to another fun-packed* Double Entendre Day!
I trust you're all ready to get your ya-yas out and give my box another stuffing, as today's photo for the Caption Competition features a lovely wet pussy having loads of excitement.

There'll be a Slippery Nipple for every entry and Sex on the Beach available should I get me a long awaited 69.

Over to you then.

Off you go.

Additional, 14:10 hours. Scaryduck has been waffling on about 'Tit Windows' today, so I've decided to get my tits out to show you all again.
For Junkmale, who wanted to know what I look like.
Hope you like.

*Definition of 'fun-packed' may vary and settle during transit.