Monday, November 24, 2008

And so the last of the pressies have been opened, the virtual birthday cake is now all but crumbs and the party balloons are starting to look a tad deflated...

But that was a brilliant birthday party, even though I still can't quite believe I'm forty!

Thanks again to everybody who turned up and didn't throw up on the carpet, and it was one of the bestest parties I've had in ages!

I spent most of yesterday aspleep for some reason* but now it's back to reality and no more 'partying' or celebratory stuff for almost a month. But such is life.

As I already have a tale for your delectation and delight planned for tomorrow, no Choose-O today, but instead - please tell me all about the best party you ever had!

Thanks again everybody, you're all fabulous! *mawh*

*Maybe getting to bed at about 3.30am the night before had something to do with it?