Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Friday, it's nearly five-to-five, but it ain't Crackerjack.

Sorry fot such a late post but I didn't have a very good morning whatsoever. I don't want to go into details but I had to go to see my solicitor and go over a load of stuff that brough back painful memories and so. No fun at all, but it had to be done.
I'm now planning on having a cuppa tea and a serious attack at the contents of the biscuit tin while cuddling up in a fluppy blanket and watching an inane film.
But while I'm doing that, howabout you lot coming up with some ideas for
'The Worst Thing You Could Say Or Do To A Judge Or Jury While In The Docks'
such as -

Try and start a mexican wave.
Offer the judge a fiver if he lets you go.
Send out for pizza to be delivered to you.
Moon them.
Eat the Bible.
Sing 'I fought the law'.
Sing 'Kung Fu Fighting'.
Refer to the Judge as 'Mate'
Flirt with the jury.
Flash the jury.
Wet yourself, then ask if you can go to the loo.
Ask if you can go to the loo, then wet yourself.

And so on.
I know you can do better, so over to you and prove it!
And before I go, I have found for your delectation and delight, an absolutely gorgeous pair of 'Kittens of the Day'
<-Clicky for biggerness
I found this gorgeously cute pair on Flickr taken by a chap called Nicolas Valentin, and not only has he taken some more fabulous kitteh photos, his other work ain't half bad either! They're well worth checking out, so go have a look.
You can also go and have a look at my latest clickage as well while you're at it.
More new sox!
Anyway, sorry again about the late post, but I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and may the deity of your choice go with you!