Friday, October 17, 2008

Hoobledoop everybody! And I hope this Friday finds you full of the joys of the weekend.
I don't know about you but I have absolutely sweet FA planned to do, mainly as everything costs too much money these days. This means that should I succumb to total boredom I may have to tidy up my room and get round to putting the mountain of video tapes that are threatening to crush me should I brush against them, back into their respective boxes and then back in the sideboard downstairs.
I do lead an exciting life, don't I.

Anyway, onto something a tad more entertaining; first of all, as I've noticed that the Americans are getting all excited about some election or whatever, here are a group of the sanest and intelligent 'merikens I know of, providing a musical number for your delectation and delight.
<- Clicky.

And following in the American theme, here's a 'Spot the Odd One Out' competition for you.

Tricky I know, but do try.

And better late than never, how could I do a post with a US Election theme and omit Sarah Palin, eh? So click on the piccy below to get to the big picture, then have fun by hovering your mouse over it and clicking on the clicky bits. I'm still finding new bits.

So, that's about it for today, except for me to add that I hope you have a lovely, fun-filled, relaxing weekend, and if you're having any adventures, enjoy them for me as well, akay?