Thursday, October 02, 2008

Helloo my lovelies, and welcome to a day of lazy blogging from me.
First up is a filk that I wrote ages and ages ago, but as all you newer readers prolly haven't read it, here it is again -

TTTO The Sound of Silence.
Hello 'puter my old friend, I've come to play with you again,
There is a lot of work that I must do, I want to chat with friends on ICQ.
But the screen won't flicker and it won't go beep, oh I could weep,
There's just the sound of silence.

Check all connections at the back, make sure the fuse it isn't slack,
Get out the Philips head and start to pray, I've got to send those emails out today.
But there's no sign of damage, it should work fine, I'm losing time,
Still there's the sound of silence.

RTFM again, thump the monitor and then,
Check over all those IDE's and so, Oh bloody hell, the fan now it won't go.
Could it be CMOS, or BIOS, I just don't know, I'm losing hope,
Just got the sound of silence.

"S**t" said I "That deadlines near", I'll phone my friend so he can hear,
My cursing, weeping and lamenting, And maybe he can get a hint in.
But all I get's the answer phone, I'm on my own,
With the sound of silence.

F**k you computer go to hell, I should have bought that one from Dell,
But I ain't taking any c**p no more, For this PC I have just found a cure.
Outside my window there is a bin, it's going in,
To break the sound of silence.

Next up is something that I've posted a few times now, and so far not a single person had said so much as a word about it, let alone a comment. It's the first ever web-page I desecrated altered, and I was (and still am) rather pleased with it. This is the last time I'm posting it. Even if people only tell me it's terrible at least I'll know.
<- Clicky

And last of all, I need your brains...
I have a bet on with the ex-partner-in-crime. We were talking about hair dyes and I said that it would be useful for people who were very nearly Arctic Blonde* all over, to be able to buy a white hair dye, as although not fashionable, I was sure some folk would want to buy it.
He said very confidently that you could buy such a dye and that grey hair dye was available to purchase.
I made sure he wasn't getting confused with something else, and explained that I was talking about a permanent hair dye that would change the colour of the hair to white.
He repeated that yes, he was adamant that such a product was available, to which I said 'Alright, you're on. Go and buy me some, and if you can't you can owe me a fiver'.
If he's right, I'm going to be a fiver down, so if any of you have seen a permanent hair dye that colours hair white, please let me know where you found it and I'll make sure he never goes there.

*A shade of silvery grey.