Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello again my little snapdragons!
I hope today finds you all bright eyed and bushy tailed as it's a very special someone's 50th birthday. On the thirteenth of October 1958, a small bear was found at Paddington Station with a suitcase containing marmalade sandwiches and a label round his neck which read 'Please look after this bear, thank you'.
The first Paddington Bear book was published on this day fifty years ago as well, and if you're in London today and spot Paddington in a taxi, you can win a prize! Click here for more details.
I've been a fan of the little bear since I got hold of my first book of his adventures, and I know I'm not alone as well.
A few years ago I had arranged to meet someone by the Paddington statue at Paddington Station and while I was waiting I noticed a little girl espy the statue.
"Ooh mummy look! It's Paddington!" she squealed, and breaking away from her mother's hands she ran towards the statue with the look of love shining in her little eyes.
The look of love was soon replaced by a burst of pain as she hurled herself onto the statue which instead of being soft and cuddly like teddy bears are wont to be, is instead made of hard, lumpy metal.
There was a resounding 'Thunk!' as metal and child collided, quickly followed by a screaching wail as mummy caught up and tried to console her daughter.
I tried my best not to laugh out loud and look concerened, but as I looked away and snickered behind my hand, I noticed a fair few other people doing the same.
I still wonder if she suffered any trauma after being smacked down my her favourite little bear.

So, after you've raised a glass to toast the main bear, please would you be so kind as to get your thinking caps on a decide which tale you would like for tomorrow's entertainment. Your options are -

Weights and Measures.

And while you're down there, don't forget to tell me how your weekends were and how you're doing as well, akay?