Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Monday everybody! At least, I think it's Monday.
My calendar and 'puter both inform me that it is indeed Monday, but they could be lying to me. I'm so absolutely knackered I might be hallucinating, I'm not sure.
I haven't splept properly in over a week now; although I've managed to get a couple of hours spleep at a time, I haven't managed a full nights kip, with that REM stuff and so which is the important bit.
I tried keeping count of how many times I woke up during last night, and I think it was 14, maybe even a couple more.
Since the attempted break in I know that I've been jumping at every slightest noise in the house or garden, but that can't be why I wake up so many times, surely?
On the plus side, I've managed to watch every episode of the Hoobs recently which is fun, 'specially when your mind is already playing strange tricks on you from lack of spleep, I can tell you.
Anyways, hopefully I'll be able to get it together to write up a tale to entertain you with tomorrow, your choices for which are -

Please to post your choices in the usual place along with two Valium, and a short essay about 'What you did over the weekend', thank you.


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