Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Everybody!

To get you in the mood for seeing all the little darlings coming to your house to demand treats with menaces tonight, I've selected some entertaining bits and bobs for you.

To start here's a clip of a raccoon up to no good, followed by a building having the last laugh. Then there's a seasonal clip featuring fireworks, a kitteh having lunch, some pole vaulting, an otter having a ball, and finally a Public Service Announcement for Women.

I couldn't show you clips without a couple of scary ones, so here you go with the Car Commercial, and Scary Grandma edition. Oh, and also something really weird, and my favourite, a deer getting revenge on a hunter before the classic 'When Deer Attack!' Oh, and don't forget the squirrels either.

Moving on to games, please have fun with Virtual Pumpkin, Undead Smackdown, and the ever popular Pumpkin Panic!

And finally, I've had a think about what game to play here and have come up with the 'Scary Television Programmes' such as -

Going for Ghouls
Coronation Scream
Have I Got Newts For You
Strictly Dead Dancing
Ghouls in the Attic
Gordon Ramsey's Cookalong Undead
All Star Family Misfortunes
Murder She Hoped
Never Mind The Buzzsaws

And so on and so forth. I can you can do far better, so over to you and have a fabulously scary weekend!