Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Double Entendre Day.

For new readers (and those who can't even remember who they are or what they had for breakfast) this is the day of the week to ask for a Double Entendre and hope that someone gives you a really large one. You could also get in there first and slip one to a friend/colleague/family member/priest, or if you don't get out much or talk to people that often, you can avail yourself of my services and give my box a thorough stuffing instead.
For this purpose I hold a Caption Competition on this day so that you can possibly gain some inspiration from the images presented if you find your imagination getting a tad flaccid, so to speak.
To get you in the mood I have done a little net trawling and found some absolute gems collected from Bond Films. Think of these as the trailer before the main event -

"I think he's attempting re-entry." Q to Sir Frederick Gray
"I thought Christmas comes just once a year." Bond to Dr Christmas Jones
"Just keeping the British end up." - Bond to Sir Frederick Gray
"I'm afraid you've caught me with more than my hands up." - Bond to a gunman
"You appear tense...that's too bad.Going down, one should always be relaxed." Bond to Bond girl

"When one is in Egypt, one should delve deeply into it's treasures." - Bond
"It's just the right size - for me, that is." - Bond talking about Bond girl's mouth
"The bubbles tickle my...Tchaikovsky." - Bond girl
"Something big's come up." - Bond to Bond girl.
"I think I will enjoy serving you very much." Bond girl to Bond.

And so, hopefully I've managed to get your juices flowing, so without further preamble here's the photo -

Over to you then.
Get with the stuffing as there's a power drink going for every entry, and a protein bar available should I get me a 69.