Friday, September 12, 2008

Wotcha groovers! And welcome to yet another end of the week.
After yesterday's fabulous suggestions as to what you darling readers want on this blog (all noted down btw) I have another insy-teeny request again today, for which there will be a nice reward.
What I would like you to do is to think up some more 'Blog Headers' for me like the ones just under the title. At the top of this blog. Just above the skipping penguin... got it now? Good.
Now when I say 'like the ones above' I don't mean exactly the same, but more along the same lines and of course new, eg:

'Better than some internet pr0n sites!'
'Actually rather good!'
'Now with extra kittens!'
'Come to the Misty side! We have cookies'
'What the internet was invented for!'
'Now with random nudity'
'Waffling on since 2004'
'Way better than that Scaryduck!'

And so on. If you get stuck for ideas you could try using this Slogan Generator for a few, but then you might all get the same slogans, so maybe not. You could simply play with it for fun if you wanted to though. But I'd rather you got me some new slogans.
Your reward for helping me out with this, is a viewing of the sublime 'Kitchen Diaries' which cracks me up every time, and also a read of this fabulous Ladybird Book, 'The Policeman'

Almost last, but certainly not least, I have a mystery that I would like some help with. It started last week when someone put a cut out of a yellow rubber ducky on a viaduct near my home. Yesterday, I took a stroll down the road and found that even more ducks had been added -
Things are getting strange, I'm starting to worry...
Now I'm not over keen on unexplained weirdness in my life. It could just be that someone has decided that the area would look nice with some happy yellow duckies around, or, it could be that somebody is trying to play silly buggers with me.
If it's the latter, I'd like to take this opportunity to let them know I'm an expert at that game.
If anybody has any information about this, please to let me know.
You'll find me on the embankment with a sniper rifle.

And finally the ultimate item on the agenda, and it's something I haven't doned in ages, being a Spot the Odd One Out Competition, yay!
No prizes alas, just kudos and a round of applause for getting the right answer.

The Krays............................... Ian Brady

Charles Manson .......................Misty
Over to you then.
So off you go, and have a fantastic weekend, or as close to fantastic as possible!