Monday, September 22, 2008

Greetings from the land of the 'Not Well At All', where getting out of bed leads to shivers all over, any attempt at walking causes bumping into walls and furniture, coughing and sneezing leads to copious amounts of exorcist type green stuff escaping from nose and mouth, and all accompanied by a headache from Tartarus that hasn't gone away since Friday evening.
This, apart from a shopping trip to buy some new ducks on Saturday, has been my weekend. It has not been fun, and I am blaming the ex-partner-in-crime as he kindly shared this lurgi with me after he got it from his girlfriend.
I am not the happiest of bunnies, and when I visit the docs this afternoon, I'm hoping they'll be able to put me out of my misery.
So anyway, your job is to tell me all about your weekends (hopefully they've all been better than mine!) and answer a question for me before casting votes for the Monday Choose-O.
The question is one that been annoying me ever since the BBC started it's 'watch the repeats on your puters' thingy, and is why the feck do they say on TV,
"If you missed watching this episode, you can watch it again on..."
If you have not watched a programme, how can you watch it again? Gah.
And your option for tomorrow's entertainment is -


If you're very bored, you can always go and look at my Flickr, and if anybody wants me I'll be under the duvet.
Bye for now.