Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday again, and once more I try to bring you something exciting for the weekend. I think I might have sussed it this week by trying something I tried a while back, but didn't get quite right. This time I'm using a different scenario so today, what you have to do is to think of 'Worst thing you can say or hear during a Fostering Interview', such as -

"Are you doing a BOGOF deal yet?"
"We'll even consider taking on an ugly one as we've heard they 'try harder' if you know what I mean"
"Of course we don't use drugs! We wouldn't have any left to sell if we did that!"
"Twins would be great, the younger the better!"
"Don't worry about the other kids they got on with the last seven just fine once they learnt to lie still"

And so on and so forth. But I just know you can do better, so without further ado, of you go - see you in the comments box.

And I hope you have a fabulous weekend!