Friday, September 26, 2008

Buen día mis pequeños enchiladas, and welcome to Friday here in this quiet corner of the blogosphere.
I'm not very with it at all today as I got very little spleep thanks to an intruder in my back garden last night. I was just about to switch the light off and try to spleep when I heard the unmistakable sound of someone trying the back door. Grabbing my trust hockey stick on the way, I went to the landing to have a look out the window where I saw a flash from a torch. As there have been a spate of burglaries in the area recently I decided to call the police who promised me there would be rozzers and a canine unit there asap.
I went to watch out of the bedroom window but nothing happened for a while, but then I saw a jam sandwich go past and head on up the road. I could also see a blue flashing light further up the road, so I got some shoes on and taking the hockey stick went out the front door to investigate.
Further up the road at the wrong address were a whole gang of coppers so I called them over to where they were supposed to be.
They asked me a few questions as to what I'd seen and so and then said they were waiting for the dog still so I could go back in the house to wait, so I did but not before one officer asked me about the hockey stick I was still holding. I explained that it was the 'girl from a public school's weapon of choice while thinking it was a good thing I hadn't grabbed a spear instead.
Anyway, finally the doggy arrived but sadly I wasn't allowed to play with it and instead it searched the garden thoroughly and there were no nasties to be found lurking there.
Maybe if they'd got the address right they'd have caught someone, but meh, perhaps not.
So, as you can imagine, I spent most of last night lying awake in bed clutching my phone in one paw and my hockey stick in the other.
And if anybody does break in to my place, I shall introduce them to Mr Pointy who is waiting patiently by my bedroom door.
So that's why I haven't managed to think of anything exciting for today, but I have had a quick sniff through the archives and thought why not make up another 'Word by Word Story'?
What happens is that I write the first three words in the comments box, then you lot help write a tale adding three word at a time.
Up for it? Hurrah!
See you in the comments box then!
And don't forget to have a fabulous weekend as well.

PS. Any comments that aren't part of the story are also welcome!