Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And so Wednesday dawns bright and clear bringing joy, happiness and the possibility of another 69 if my box gets enough stuffing!
Whoopdedoo, or what!?
Now, I know that recently you've been rather uninspired of late when it's come to filling my box, even with the promise of treats, and I've come to the conclusion that this is partly my fault for not stimulating you enough.
So for the last week I have trawled teh intermanet in search of 'The Perfect Photo For The Double Entendre Day Caption Competition'

And I think I might have found it!

The photo you are about to see features skimpy but very unusual costumes, on some shexshay* models, who are holding items that could possibly be used in an amusing way, all set in some completely normal and innocent surroundings.
What more could you possibly want in order to get your juices flowing, eh?
So without any further preamble, please get ready to put your thinking caps on and your minds into the gutters for today's Caption Competition photo, which is -

I can tell you're just gagging to start banging away but before you do, please note that there's a large Refresher Chew going for every entry and a bag of Mixed Mojos available for who ever gets me a 69.

Still here? Silly person!




*Allegedly, and according to other persons who do not wish to be named. Certainly not IMO at any rate!