Monday, August 04, 2008

Wotcha groovers, and I hope you're all ready for the coming week!
As long as everything goes according to plan I've got some fun things planned to post here as well as some witty and erudite musings for your perusal. Woohoo, eh?
My weekend however didn't go according to plan which was after some of your suggestions were to go and visit a couple of museums up in that there Londinium.
Instead, a friend of mine came to visit and we ended up simply going up to Ealing to do a bit of shopping, which in my case is known as Duck Hunting.
I had plans to wander around the Charity shops to see if any rubber ducks had been left and were in need of a home, and also on the agenda was a visit to a fab shop called Hawkin's Bazaar as they always have some duckies for sale.
As with best laid plans, something will always go slightly wrong and sure enough, just as we parked the car it started pee'ing it down with rain.
It wasn't the usual summer drizzle that sort of hangs in the air and just makes you damp rather than wet, but a full on downpour that will make you look like a drowned rat within 0.3 seconds.
We stood at the car park exit for about 5 minutes waiting for it to stop or abate slightly, but it wasn't having any of it. We were going to have to brave the elephants elements or spend the afternoon in the car park.
Off we went into the rain which took that moment to get even heavier. Thinking quickly, I remembered the side entrance to the very nearby shopping centre on the other side of the road and we scurried over and went inside.
I hadn't been in the place for about 4 years and was surprized to see many new shops, one of which was the sort that sells all sorts of wonderful things such as toy air balloons, make your own camper van kits, and a myriad of funky and unusual gizmos and gadgets.
In short, my kind of shop and then some.
Dripping water as we went, I sniffed about at all the goodies and then stopped in amazement.
There, right in front of me, were some Rubber Ducks, one of which I'd been after for ages, and a couple of which I'd never seen before and were gorgeous.
If I could have afford them all, I'd have taken them all home, but as I could only just about afford three (1 solo duck, and the pair) I hurried them to the cashier with a promise to the remaining ducks that I'd come back for them as soon as I possibly could.
And so although my plans for the weekend didn't involve museums and travelling, I did find a new seller of Rubber Ducks which is a Good Thing.
All I need now is to be able to afford them.
Still, I can dream about them, and that's always free.
Ellegance and Swellegance
So, if there's anybody still there after my waffling on and on about ducks, I've got some choices ready for today's Choose-O being -

Terror Incognita.

Please to choose wisely my li'l chickadees, I may not be posting the remaining options again. But then again I might.
Over to you then, and while you're there, don't forget to tell me all about your weekends, akay?