Saturday, August 30, 2008

With less than 24 hours to go, tomorrow is the day of,

The Great British Duck Race!

As I type this, 250,000 small rubber ducks are preparing to brave the perils of the River Thames and race as fast as they possibly can to the finishing line in order to raise money for all sorts of charities.
You can make the efforts of these brave little ducks very worthwhile simply by sponsoring one (or more) of them to race for you! If your ducky wins, then you can claim the first prize of £10,000, and that's not to be sneezed at, is it now?
You can sponsor you ducky now by clicking on the piccy below and filling out the online form.

All done? Excellent! Now all you have to do is sit back and wait to cheer your champion duck onwards to the finishing line, and if you're within striking distance of Hampton Court, you can do so in person.
The ducks will be loaded into Molesy Lock, near Hampton Court Bridge at 12.30pm, and released into the wild an hour later.
They will swim their way along the river to the finishing line at the Sheriff Boat Club at Albany Reach approximately 2-3 hours later.
If you don't want to stay and watch the whole race, you could wait on the river bank until they pass by and give them a rousing cheer as they do so.
Also, if you happen to see the boat, you might just spot a strange blonde waving a camera around taking loads of clickage and wearing a t-shirt like this one.
The reason being is that I've been very kindly asked by The Londonist to go along and take photos for them, which means that I get to go on the boat with the rest of the press, and celebs and so.
Of course I thought long and hard about it* before I agreed to do so, and now I'm beginning to get rather excited about the day.**
So if you're there, give me a wave, and if you see my ducky, tell it to get a move on, akay?

Have a lovely day, whatever you decide to get up to!

*0.2 seconds.
**Have been bouncing up-and-down, squeeking and telling everybody I've met about it since I got the email from them.