Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday again, yay!, and so begins another week in the wonderful, wacky blogosphere!
And for some it may well be wonderful and wacky, but I've a feeling it's also going to be one of those weird ones; for me at least.
I just checked my emails and found one from an LSM Company which reads -

We have prepared a contract and added the paragraphs that you wanted to see in it.
Our lawyers made alterations on the last page. If you agree with all the provisions we are ready to make the payment on Friday for the first consignment.
We are enclosing the file with the prepared contract.
If necessary, we can send it by fax.
Looking forward to your decision."

Attached is a copy of 'The Contract' in a zip.file.
I haven't opened it, but my antivirus informs me that it is safe and contains no lurgies.
I don't know who this email is from, but I've looked up LSM Company on t'intermanet and have found it could be London & Scandinavian Metallurgical Co Limited, the London Ship Managers, or LSM Travel Consultants Ltd (Barnet, United Kingdom)
And I've never had any contact with any of them.
It could be someone trying to scam me, (it's not working) or maybe it's just gone to the wrong email address, though I doubt anybody's got an addy extremely similar to mine.
Or, it could be a contract that if I play along with and sign and send back and so could earn me 'fahsends, an' fahsends of pahnds!'.
But I doubt it.
Can anybody shed any light on it for me?
Oh, and before I forget, your choices for tomorrow's Choose-O are -

Terror Incognita.

Happy Monday everybody! And how were your weekends? Tell me all and I'll get the kettle on and some hobnobs out while you do, akay?