Friday, August 22, 2008

Hey-hey, it's Friday again! Woo, and also hoo, as this time I have a new game to play, rah!

I'll admit to nicking the idea from 'Mock the Week', but the topic is all my own, so I shall explain.
It's really simple; all you have to do is to think up 'Lines you are least likely to hear in a Harry Potter film', for example -

"Snape, this potion. Are you sure I'm supposed to drink it from that part of your anatomy?"
"Come on Harry, you know I've always wanted to do a threesome with you and Ron" said Hermione.
"This spell is guaranteed to give you a double polaroid, honest!" said Draco.
Suddenly, Dumbledore slipped off his magnificent robe to reveal a Prince Albert.
Harry stood there in the moonlight wondering if Hagrid still wanted him. Wanted him in the worst way, just like the time with the paddle.
"Blimey Harry! I never thought you'd be able to catch the snitch up your arse like that!" cried Ron in amazement.
Snape shuddered as Hermoine's hand travelled further up his thigh...
Quidditch hadn't been the same since the wearing of robes during play had been banned.
Ginny Weasley's expulsion from Hogwarts for prostitution had shamed the Weasley family.
It was a hot summer's day in Privet Drive. Harry lay back on his bed and wondered if he could be arsed to go back to Hogwarts since he'd begun chasing the dragon during the holidays. After all, he was making a fortune from selling smack just recently.

As always, I have faith that you lot will do far better than I, so without further preamble, have at it.
And I hope you all have a fabulous weekend as well,