Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome Gentle readers, to another fun-filled* day in this happy little corner of the Blogosphere.
Today, I have really old exciting news for you all being that the 2012 Olympics is now only four years away, woohoo!
It seems like only yesterday that some madmenthe whole of London rejoiced to the news that they'd we had won the Olympic bid from the Parisians, and the party mood lasted about 10 hours has lasted until now, hurrah!
Amongst the plans for turning the arse-end East End of London into the Olympic Pleasure Dome, and ripping down fabulous irreplaceable buildings and taking away some people's gardens adding loads of wonderful new stations and bringing thousands of new jobs to the City, there is of course the most exciting consideration to undertake yet to come.
What new sport is London going to be responsible for adding to the Olympic Games?
The last load of games has brought with it the joys of Synchronized Swimming, Volleyball, Biathlon and many more but I can't be bothered to look any more up on Google. which leaves us all wondering what crap sport they'll come up with next?
China (as it's their turn this time) are adding BMX biking, so maybe Skate Boarding, or possibly that thing where people run around buildings then jump off the highest bits they can find should be suggested?
For my part, I'd propose Duck Balancing. Anybody can take part as long as they have at least one rubber duck, and as the sensible imbibing of alcohol is encouraged, there wouldn't be any worries about getting disqualified if you have one too many at the opening ceremonies. No special clothing is required either, nor is safety equipment. All that is needed is a sturdy table, and possibly some statues or similar, and you're away.
Yep, Duck Balancing's the New Olympic Sport for me.
Terry Pratchett, Rubber Ducked.
So what, gentle readers, would you suggest?
Over to you, and have a fabulous weekend, whatever sport you may choose to do!

*Gentle Reader's opinions of what 'fun-filled' equates to may** differ from those of the author.
**Probably will.