Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Readers with memories rather better than a lemon will have realized that today (and every Wednesday unless something more exciting comes up) is Double Entendre here in this little corner of the Blogosphere, woohoo!
Usually on these days I wake up with an urge to get my box stuffed and although today I do want that big time, I also had a craving.
Strangely enough this craving was for a burger from a well-known burger stall that I won't give any credit to, but it did give me an idea as to what to try and find for today's Caption Competition.
Funnily enough, the picture I found totally stopped the craving in an instant. In fact, I really don't feel hungry at all.

So as per the usual routine, it's over to you lot! There's a portion of fries going for every entry and a cherry pie available should I get another 69.
Without further ado, get in there.