Thursday, July 03, 2008

Over the last few years I've been blogging, I've on occasion felt a bit left out in that I've very rarely had any trolls try to be nasty, and spam comments are very few and far between.
This is a Good Thing, btw, I don't want to be inundated by freaks and fuc*tards trying theur best to upset me by calling me names or filling my box with adverts for some strange sports blog, but it makes me appreciate teh weirdness when I do find it.
For example, yesterday I got a comment from a chap called parthi telling me that my site was 'really interesting!!!!!' followed by an offer to visit his two sites.
Now, my blog has been called a few things in its time, but not 'interesting' followed by five exclamation marks!. As was written in a book by the Fabulous Terry Pratchett, the use of multiple exclamation marks is the sure sign of a deranged mind.
I'm not sure what that says about my blog, but I'm certain I've got the measure of 'parthi'.

Oh, and I was so impressed by his two sites, I kindly changed them to link to my Flickr.
But my favourite recent one turned up on Tuesday, after the Training story, and reads as follows:

" I have been wondering and looking for answers to certain questions and I must say I was lucky to reach your article. It has cleared most of my doubts. You have explained a difficult topic with such ease that I was amazed. Also, where you discussed about dog training the selection of words was great."
Then 'signed', Jack Steven, with a link to a lovely site about cheap sofas.

Now, if you haven't read the story*, in brief it's about a trainee police dog handler who gets pranks played upon him and his dog by another police chap, and ends with the trainee handler training the dog to grab hold of the pranksters balls with his teeth while onlookers laughed.
My mind boggles at what the hell Jack was wondering about, and what answers to certain questions my 'article' (which he was lucky enough to read) helped him with.
And 'I explained a difficult topic'? I did? When? What's difficult about the topic, apart from maybe for someone who has also been through the trauma of having a dog hold onto their testees for half an hour while others laugh and point. Is that what happened to poor Jack Steven?
And that I wrote all about it 'with such ease'... I mean, I'm flattered. I truly am. But then I was lucky enough to learn how to write big words with more than two syllables in them when I was little and also how to use them to explain things may have helped me to do that.
The next bit where he tells me how I "discussed about dog training the selection of words was great" Jack, there was no 'discussion', but thank you anyway.
I decided to leave the link up to his 'cheap sofas' for a while, as he entertained me so well with his comment, but now I feel his time is up and it needs to be changed.
So my cherubim, which site should I sign him up to d'you reckon?

Oh, and before I go, I discovered yesterday (with some help from Scaryduck) that I've been Metafilered. I was wondering why one of my piccies from my 'w/ extra duck' set on Flickr was getting over 6000 hits, and a bit of research later I found this. <- Plz to clicky.
Now I didn't know what being Metafiltered meant so I was a little worried, but Scary assured me that it is also a Good Thing, and to lie back, relax and enjoy the experience.
So, if anybody wants me today, that's exactly what I'll be doing, and with a smile on my face as well.

*If not, why not? Go and read it this instant!