Thursday, July 17, 2008

On grotty mornings turning into lovely afternoons.

This morning I woke up at 2.30 am, then at 4.15 am, then again at about 6.00 am (which was alright at The Hoobs were on) then about 7.30, 8.25, 9.30. and 10.15.
Between those times I managed to get a few minutes of spleep, but I only felt I had enough energy in me to try getting coffee at mid-day, and also I had to hie me to the chemist as I needed to pick up a prescription including pain-killers which I really, really do need these days.
Now, going back to last Monday, and 9am the ex-partner-in-crime rang me asking if I could let him in as he needed to pick up some of his bits.
I said yes, and tried to get out of bed only to find I could barely move. I eventually managed to crawl out of bed and get up, but the only way I could get down the stairs was in a sort of side-ways crab shuffle while hanging onto the bannister. getting up was pretty much the same, but I did it and collapsed into bed.
The ex, (noticing something was amiss) got me some coffee and so before he had to go back to work, and slowly during the afternoon the pain started easing and I could just about walk again.
Tuesday, the same thing happened and so I booked an appointment at the docs - the earliest when I could get a lift being Wednesday - and spent the day trying to get my body moving as much as possible.
So Wednesday I get to the Docs and get to see a new one that I hadn't seen before. He asked me twenty questions after he read through my notes, and I asked him what he reckoned.
The worst case could be that I have Psoriatic Arthritis, or possibly the Rheumatoid variety, but then again it could just be that the pills I got for the Vitamin D deficiency aren't working.
I've been referred to a specialist and if I don't get an appointment by next week I'm to call them and pester them until I do.
The really horrible bit about all this, it that not only are my legs, back and shoulders in pretty much a constant state of sharp acheyness, my hands and wrists are feeling bad as well, which means that trying to type takes far longer than it used to and I keep hitting the wrong keys by mistake. I've never tried typing while wearing two pairs of rubber gloves filled with glue on , but I imaging it might be similar.
Anyway, onto the lovely bits!
While I was shuffling my way back home I spotted a bit of carefully folded paper at the side of the road, which on closer inspection turned out to be a £5 note, rah!
Then when I get home, I'm upstairs getting changed back into my jimjams when I hear a knock at the door. I shouted 'Hang on a minute' as loudly as possible, grabbed my dressing gown and once more hobbled my way downstairs.
At the door was the postman bearing a package for me, which contained this -
mug shot.
It was sent to me by my lovely reader 'C' and really helped cheer me up! Thanks again, pet! *mwah*
Then, after my puter booted up first time with no fuss, muss or hysteria, I found a flickrmail waiting for me from fellow Flickrite telele, bearing the news that my 'w/ extra duck' set has gone international, and is featured in a magazine called Flanders Humo, look -
Flanders Humo, w/ extra duck!
Right next to an article about Porn for the Blind as well. Classy, eh?
And so, that's the happies for today! Not bad I reckon, as there could have been no happies at all as per usual.
And the day isn't over yet either, so who knows what the rest of the day may bring?
What about you lot: have you had any unexpected happiness recently or ever?
Tell me all about it while I snuggle up under the duvet with a 'ducky mug' full of hot choccy. I won't tell anyone else, I promise.