Monday, July 21, 2008

It's not very often people try to pressure me to do anything. Mind you, it's not often anybody just plain asks never mind nags, but recently there seems to be a theme starting amongst the readers of this blog, that began at another which is written by a friend of mine.
I believe it all began because either someone's eyesight is shot, or a lysdexic got hold of the wrong end of a stick somewhere, but over at my friend's blog there was a clamouring for a tale called 'Toad Rage', being a play on 'Road Rage'.
Eventually (and presumably before the constant tattoo of ToadrageToadrageToadrage beat an inoperable swelling to the hind part of his brain) my friend made up wrote the tale of Toad Rage and all was peaceful and quiet* amongst his readers once more.
Recently, an incredibly similar thing has happened over here at my happy little tranquil corner of t'intermanet, as I've had a clamouring from certain readers for a tale of 'Bum'.
So to save myself from the near insanity suffered by my friend, I shall put my 'Bum' out there amongst today's Choose-O Choices in the hope that it will sate the palates of certain persons amongst you all. And so, today's choices are -

Terror Incognita.

Blessings be upon you.

*Well, as ever it was really, which peaceful and quiet it wasn't.