Friday, July 18, 2008

And so, a kind of peace descends over the blogosphere as the week draws to an end again.
But I have plans to change all that with another game for you to get your thinking hats on for and to get us into a suitable silly mood, just right for a pleasant, fun weekend.
I was reminded by Scary's post from yesterday about those 'random snippets of conversation you hear from time to time that have not logical place in any sane persons mind, that leave the person who's overheard such things wondering whether backing away slowly without making eye contact and sudden moves would be a Good Idea.
It reminded me first of all the snippets I've heard over the years, mainly from working behind bars whereupon stepping behind you are suddenly invisible to the general public (unless they want a drink) such as -

'And then the aubergine exploded all over the cat!'
'The library staff said they'd never seen a photocopier used that way before without it breaking'.
'Apparently, lobsters weren't designed for such purposes'
'It was about three times it's normal size before the dog got hold of it!'
'So, are you sure you want to see the pattern it makes when it bursts?'
'He was halfway in before it fell off'
'...chocolate, all over the aspidistra!'
'...are what anti-maccassers are supposed to be used for, not the...'

And so on and so forth.
What I want you to do today, is to give me all your snippets, and at the end of commenting I shall endeavour once again to put them all into a story for your delectation and delight!
How much fun is this going to be, eh?*
If you don't get out much and don't have a collection of fab snippets as I know at least one of you have (waves hello!) then either think something up, or get hold of a magazine/book/website and simply pick out the more weird and wonderful finds amongst the rest of the extraneous dialogue.
Got the idea?
Then please to get on with it.
Over to you and have a wonderful weekend everybody!

*Seriously, I want to know.