Friday, June 27, 2008

Wotcha Groovers! I can't stop long today as in a few hours I'm going 'Oop North' to go hit people have fun at another DAS do, and I still have loads of packing and so to do.
But before I go, I've discovered something that keeps me amused and out of trouble. It was quite by mistake that I left my TV on overnight as I normally switch on the spleep timer, but one night I forgot and was woken up at about 6am by the strangest telly programme I've seen in a long time.
It's supposedly for children, but is made by grown-ups with a strange sense of humour, (Jim Henson's lot) and is absolutely hilarious at times.
It's called The Hoobs, and features aliens from the planet Hoob, who are researching life on earth and reporting back to the home planet.
The 'Head Hoob' is called 'Hubba Hubba' which might give you a clue as to the general tone of things, and Double Entendres that 'Tiddleypeeps' won't understand are rife, as in this song sung by the three Hoobs on this planet.
Then there's this song where the Hoob called Iver goes all weird with talk of flashing...and the sound's awful on this clip, but you get an idea of the general strangeness.
Anyways, the funniest episode I've seen so far has to be where the Hoobs tried to cheer up a 'Wrinkleypeep' in an old folk's home, played by James Bolam with lines such as
Iver: "Do you know who I am?"
Bolam: "No, but if you ask the nurse I'm sure she can tell you"
Iver: "He looked at me as if I was from another planet!"
Tula: "Well, you are from another planet"
Maybe it's one of those 'had to be there things' but when you hear dialogue where Hoobs are trying to find out "What Groove's thing is, and how do they make it pretty?"* you can't help to not snigger.
With episodes described as "The Hoobs: Cover Up. Tula's old Peep pot is the main attraction for her Peep Museum" You can almost guarantee that the writers are not as pure in mind as the driven snow, and anybody who can think that a cork on the end of a string is the funniest thing on earth, just has to be doing some sort of drug.
Anyway, as with all great kiddy programmes, sooner or later 'grown-up that really should know better' find out about them and start making up videos for You Tube and so, like this, and this.
I do hope you enjoy learning about the Hoobs as much as I have.

Anyways, I must dash now so play nice while I'm away, and I shall leave you with another game where you have to think up as many different uses for an ordinary household object, being -
'A metal coat hanger'

I'll start you off with -

TV aerial.
Back Scratcher
Blue Peter Advent Calendar
Eye Gouge.

And I'm sure you can do far better, so over to you, and have a Hoobacious weekend!

*By polishing it, attaching ribbons, and then finally kissing it.