Friday, June 06, 2008

A bit of Friday Serendipity

Earlier this morning I wombled downstairs to get a mug of coffee and I noticed that one of those 'While you were out, we tried to deliver a package' cards had been dropped through my letterbox.
I was really pissed off annoyed to say the least, as I had been in all morning (I was still in my dressing gown) and the parcel person must have just shoved the card in and ran, possibly giving the door the slightest of taps as a 'knock'.
On the note it said that I was to wait 24 hours before going to the sorting office to pick it up, or go to their website to arrange another delivery time.
'Stuff that' I thought, I wanted to find out what was in my surprise parcel and so I found the number of the local sorting office and gave them a call.
I explained to a very nicely spoken chap that although I'd been at home, the delivery person had decided I was out and left a card saying that I'd have to wait 'til the next day to pick it up, but as the time was 11.30am, was there any chance I could drop by and pick it up as I wasn't able to the next day, and if I couldn't get it today, wouldn't be able to until next Tuesday at the earliest.
The chap turned out to not only be nicely spoken, but nice with it and he went to see if the delivery bloke had come back.
Alas he hadn't, but if I wanted I could leave my phone number and if the bloke got back fairly soon, he'd call me and let me know.
At ten minutes past mid-day he called me and said that my parcel was there, and although they were officially closed, he'd stay around and wait for me to get there to pick it up.
'Yay!' I thought, thanked him and said I'd be there asap.
It was the second nicest thing they could have done (the first would be delivering it to me again) and I got changed and scampered out the door as fast as my paws could carry me.
As I go to the road, who should be there but my ex-partner-in-crime, and even better his car!
I commandeered the vehicle and sped off to get my prezzie.
Now, this is the part of the story where I have to explain about the red rubber band fixation I've recently developed. You know the ones that posties use to hold lots of letters together that on occasion get dropped around on pavements? Well I've been collecting them for the last couple of months in order to make the biggest rubber band ball I possibly can. I'm also in competition against someone as to who can make the biggest in 6 months, and I've got the epic and a few other friends scouring the streets to find as many as they can for me.
Right, now I've explained that I'll carry on with the story.
I got to the sorting office and explained to the only postie I could see outside that a very nice chap was waiting for me, and where could I find him. The postie went off to get him, and while I waited I noticed that the car park was literally littered with red rubber bands!
I scrabbled about picking up as many as I could, then had to explain what I was doing to the nice man who was holding my parcel and watching me picking up bands with a rather bemused smile on his face.
Luckily, he didn't call for the men in white coats, far from it! As I'd been inconvenienced he asked me to follow him to where the posties dumped all their bands at the end of the day.
I grabbed my shopping bag, and looky what I got -

Woo, with double hoo!
Added to the rest of the bands I had waiting to put on the ball, I think I stand a chance of making a really, seriously big ball!

I think that'll keep me busy for quite some time!

Anyhoo, back to the loveliness that was my parcel!
I got back home as fast as I could, and calling to the epic that his car was safe and 'thanks' got to my room , grabbed some scissors, opened the box and found these three absolutely darling duckies inside!
I have the best readers in the world, evah! :-D
A huge thank you to my lovely reader 'Kim'! :-D I love them, and they're settling in just fine with the rest of Team Misty! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! *mwah*

So my Serendipity is that if the parcel had been delivered just fine, I wouldn't have got all my red rubber bands! It might not seem a big deal to some, but it made me happy. Not as much as the ducks have mind!.
So, before we get to the Friday Caption Competition, my question for you is, 'When was the last time Serendipity visited you, and what happened?
And if you can't remember that, the photo for the Caption Competition is-

Get stuck in! There's a packet of crips going for each entry, and a bottle of blue fizzy pop should I get another 69.

Have a wonderful weekend y'all!