Friday, June 20, 2008

And so the week ends once more. As I sit here typing I'm thinking of the world outside and how many people must be planning all sorts of wonderful, fun things to do. Going to see friends, maybe see a film, go for a meal, drinks at a pub afterwards, a trip to the zoo or museum, all sorts of enjoyable events.
And me? Outside the sun shines. Buses rumble towards Ealing Broadway and I'm expected to do battle with the powers of darkness*. It all seems a little unfair...

But that's tomorrow, and for today's fun and games I thought we'd play 'Six Handshakes' or 'Six degrees of Separation' as some call it.
If you don't know what it's all about, it's the theory that all of us are only separated by six handshakes or less, ie: I know Scaryduck, who knows Ricky Gervais, therefore I am only one handshake away from the annoying prat from The Office.
I'm two handshakes away from George Bush as I know Stephen Pound who knows Tony Bliar, who obviously used to know George.
Three handshakes away from Rowan Atkinson as a friend of mine's wife knows his wife.
I was only one handshake away from Mark Speight as I know Jay Burridge who was one of his best friends.
And now I'm sitting here wracking my brain trying to think of any other famous people I'm only a few handshakes away from. There must be more, but I'll be here all day which means I won't publish so what would be the point of thinking?
Anways, I'm sure you have loads of interesting folk you're close to, and if anybody is a handshake away from Alan Rickman then I'll be their new best friend if they'd like!

Oh, and if you can't think of any handshakes, then I've an extra special Spot the Odd One Out Competition for ya, the photo for which was taken by my own fair paw and is -
Spot the odd one out.

Have a fabulous weekend everybody, and as I've said before, don't do anything I wouldn't, akay?
*Go to the annual Hanwell Carnival tomorrow.