Friday, May 02, 2008

Woohoo, it's Friday again!
Which means it's time for some fun and so, and to start I've found one of the funniest evah videos over at Scaryduck's, so I know some of you will have seen it already, but even if you have I reckon it's worth watching again.
Clicky here to watch Flight of the Darned.

And once you've finished laughing at that, please have a giggle at this, this, this and this which are films that have all been Sweded for your entertainment.

If you fancy summat to get the old grey matter reved up a notch, then this site will prove entertaining, and for something less taxing, you can Free the X-Cubes, save some Bouncing Monkey Babies, attempt to Park a Car, or try some Britney Rehab Racing.
Hours of fun, trust me.

And for the best fun you're going to have this weekend*, I can now proudly introduce 'The Nun Game!' This is where you take the title of a film and simply replace one of the words in it for the word nun*, for example -

The Nuns of Navarone.
Nuns Actually.
Nun on a Hot Tin Roof.
Nuns of New York.
Gentlemen Prefer Nuns.
The Killing Nuns.
The Naked Nun.
Of Mice and Nuns.
Reservoir Nuns.
A Room with a Nun.
Snow White and the Seven Nuns
Bang the Nun Slowly.

So as per usual, over to you my darling sugarplums, and I wish you all the best for the coming weekend!


*Author does not accept any liability for the outcome or entertainment level of the readers weekend, that was written as a little bit of mindless advertizing to get you to play the game.
So there.
**Yes, I know, it's just like the Wombat/Zebra/Pants games, but you try thinking up an entertaining and different game every week for nearly three years and see how you do, akay?